this guy I know,

Is so obsessed with his blog, that he had created profiles to comment on his own posts. Like if he was ten different bloggers making comments.
His blog looks very busy, when actually he is the only reader! It's so sad.
He even tracks himself on google analytics. And apparently, he started to believe that all of this is happening for real.
In real life, he is just a normal guy. But behind the computer, he is some kind of multi personality freak.
I have invited him, and his 10 personalities to comment on my blog, but they all rejected the invitation. They all said I was wrong, they treated me like crazy. They even claimed that they were different people. Isn't absurd?
There still something that amuses me about this guy: Every character is very very different. Everyone has her own facebook profile and her own classmates. They all live in different cities and have different jobs. I am starting to consider him an artist.
Of course he could fool a lot of people but not me. It would be impossible to believe that his shitty blog has so many comments and mine not even one.

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  1. ja! believe it or not, i have another one aswell. but i'm just a silent follower.