Broken Penis,

My wife told me last night, that the massive search in google for the words: "Broken penis" had been triggered by an episode of Grey's anatomy in which that horrible thing happens to someone.
I can imagine the writers for the show trying to come up with unknown terrible diseases. They get on the web and search for that kind of stuff. They do focus groups with hypochondriacs to evaluate which of them are the most scariest ones. They pick some, and they build the story from there.
And I guess a broken penis is a hit, just because it's the perfect representation of the wicked man. Target audience for Grey's anatomy? 25-30 something girls? it all makes sense, doesn't it? good job.
However, the writers could start to create the diseases as well. I would write about:
-The third nipple disease. Obviously, it's about a third nipple that appears on the chest if you have done too much masturbation with your left hand. Not difficult to get and very contagious.
Good for Grey's anatomy?

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