Now I get it

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


Deep question...

This morning, I don't know what triggered this question but I thought to myself:
How do blind people consume porn? So I searched "Porn for the blind" on google.
This is fun:



18 seconds of pure joy

I don't quite get it. But I love it.



I've just shaved my head. I was reading a poll that suggested that people don't think of shaved heads as bald heads. This is due to people who shaved their heads without being bald. And that made me take the decision.
Isn't it great?


American Standards,

I've just received the confirmation letter from American Standards, saying that they will pay me for writing my blog. I am so excited to start saying nice things about their bathrooms in exchange for money. I never thought I could be paid for writing from my bathroom. It's like a dream come true.


Possible use for Guantanamo's jail

Gay tourism?

Prenatal DNA test,

There is a new trend in London: the prenatal DNA test. By using this technique, mothers to be can know the "identity" of their babies before they are born. In other words, they can know if the child would be the son or the daughter of her husband!
If it's not their husband's they would interrupt the pregnancy (they say).
My guess is that, after spending so much time with their husbands, they would abort only if the baby is actually their child.

More trends? Lambada is back!