Close for vacations,

se finí.


Swedish caperucita


Lie to me,

I am watching this new tv show called "Lie to me". It shows an independent company that based on facial information, they can know who is telling a lie.
It's not much different from any other tv show (csi whatever the city, mentalist, without a trace, etc). But I've read a story online. When the creators went to pitch the show to the producers, they answered they didn't have the money at the moment. That's when one of the creators said: It's a lie.


KFC smells nice...

Every time we pass next to a KFC restaurante, it smells beautifully. And now, apparently, Pam "breast" Anderson is becoming the spoke person for the brand. Am I right?

Watch more videos at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.


Pubs shutting down!

I've heard that 6 pubs a day are shutting down in the uk. I am not a big fan of the loud music, the beer, etc. But I do consider it a culture in itself, the culture of the pub. The fish and chips...It's so old an authentic, that I am feeling sad about this.

And while this is happening, hundreds of stupid geeks are fighting for some silly fish species about to disappear. You fucking green morons!


I shook hands with Charlie Watts,

There was this old guy coming, white hair, long jacket. And I noticed him. And although I know there is an unspoken agreement between londoners and its celebrities for which you shouldn't talk to them, I've approached him and ask him to shake hands. He though at first that I had a knife and my intentions were to kill him. That's when he saw all his wild life in front of his eyes, but soon he realized I was just another stupid fan.

Mr. Watts, there is something that you did not know when you shook my hand. I didn't wash them after my bathblogging session, just before meeting you. Sorry.


This peace bears are so stupid,

that I feel I want to go to war.


what does it mean if I do not blog for a couple of days?

I am constipated!


Now I get it

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


Deep question...

This morning, I don't know what triggered this question but I thought to myself:
How do blind people consume porn? So I searched "Porn for the blind" on google.
This is fun:



18 seconds of pure joy

I don't quite get it. But I love it.



I've just shaved my head. I was reading a poll that suggested that people don't think of shaved heads as bald heads. This is due to people who shaved their heads without being bald. And that made me take the decision.
Isn't it great?


American Standards,

I've just received the confirmation letter from American Standards, saying that they will pay me for writing my blog. I am so excited to start saying nice things about their bathrooms in exchange for money. I never thought I could be paid for writing from my bathroom. It's like a dream come true.


Possible use for Guantanamo's jail

Gay tourism?

Prenatal DNA test,

There is a new trend in London: the prenatal DNA test. By using this technique, mothers to be can know the "identity" of their babies before they are born. In other words, they can know if the child would be the son or the daughter of her husband!
If it's not their husband's they would interrupt the pregnancy (they say).
My guess is that, after spending so much time with their husbands, they would abort only if the baby is actually their child.

More trends? Lambada is back!


Motley Crue's hotel,

It's on the news today. Motley Crue is opening a new hotel in London. It will be a 5 star hotel dedicated to musicians, but here is the new news: They don't allow the rock stars to behave like rock stars!
This is the nature of many businesses. A peaceful hotel that lets heavy rock stars break everything. And a hotel of rockers that is extremely quite and formal.

Art factor,

I've heard the rumor that Saatchi is organizing some sort of art reality show to find the next great artist. I like the collision between the world of mainstream tv and the exclusive art world. However, when I go to tv is because I want cheap programming and cheap simple stuff. Please, don't start with that modern-arty-shit! I want to watch old Friend's episodes.

Lie detector,

Here in the uk a group of scientist discovered a new "lie detector". It's a very simple observation on human behavior. Not telling the truth forces you to think longer than telling it. And average of 0.6 seconds longer.

The only thing I'd like to know is: What happens if you ask a liar if he is lying? How long would it take to get an answer?

this guy I know,

Is so obsessed with his blog, that he had created profiles to comment on his own posts. Like if he was ten different bloggers making comments.
His blog looks very busy, when actually he is the only reader! It's so sad.
He even tracks himself on google analytics. And apparently, he started to believe that all of this is happening for real.
In real life, he is just a normal guy. But behind the computer, he is some kind of multi personality freak.
I have invited him, and his 10 personalities to comment on my blog, but they all rejected the invitation. They all said I was wrong, they treated me like crazy. They even claimed that they were different people. Isn't absurd?
There still something that amuses me about this guy: Every character is very very different. Everyone has her own facebook profile and her own classmates. They all live in different cities and have different jobs. I am starting to consider him an artist.
Of course he could fool a lot of people but not me. It would be impossible to believe that his shitty blog has so many comments and mine not even one.


Honey I bought the speakers for the Iphone, cool?

*Picture taken from my favorite blog boingboing.

This guy keeps on earning money after death,

Actually, he has made 30 millions last year. I wonder if the fact that he died made him earn more money. A great thing that their family could do is to animate Ledger using his pictures, so he could still act after death. Because apparently, Ledger was ready to leave the world, but the world wasn't ready to let him go.


Broken Penis,

My wife told me last night, that the massive search in google for the words: "Broken penis" had been triggered by an episode of Grey's anatomy in which that horrible thing happens to someone.
I can imagine the writers for the show trying to come up with unknown terrible diseases. They get on the web and search for that kind of stuff. They do focus groups with hypochondriacs to evaluate which of them are the most scariest ones. They pick some, and they build the story from there.
And I guess a broken penis is a hit, just because it's the perfect representation of the wicked man. Target audience for Grey's anatomy? 25-30 something girls? it all makes sense, doesn't it? good job.
However, the writers could start to create the diseases as well. I would write about:
-The third nipple disease. Obviously, it's about a third nipple that appears on the chest if you have done too much masturbation with your left hand. Not difficult to get and very contagious.
Good for Grey's anatomy?

I want to buy it now!

I am ashamed of this, but I really enjoy infomercials and I think most of the products are so good that they will make a great impact in the world.
Here we go, the product of the momment:

It's like the warm version of the ku klux klan. And the good thing is, they don't want to kill us!

That Brad movie,

I haven't seen it yet. "The curious case of benjamin button". I can't help but noticed that the main plot is: a guy that was born old and dies as a baby. Good stuff-I thought- Original. But then I remembered the old Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams. A total rip-off!

BarackBerry for sale?

Talking about the great Obama again. Apparently, he will have his own telephone. Meaning: a special blackberry-sort-of-telephone specially designed for him. Among the features of this new phone:

-A red button to call the white house? which would be home.
-Another button to start a war maybe? Or called them off?
-An "answering machine" that doesn't take calls but calls you home in search of support?
-Speed dial for Puff Daddy, Shakira and other celebrities?
-A predictive software for the sms, one that takes what you are writing and make it a speech?

How can it be any different from any other phone?


How to recognize a stupid*

If the person says: "Crisis equals opportunity".

*The phrase has been stolen from a comment in other blog. Hopefully the author connects to this blog afterwards and leaves such clever comments like this.


Good conversation starter during crunchy times,

Who would play Obama in "Obama. The movie"?

1. Denzel Washington.
2. Jamie Fox.
3. Will Smith?

When the person you are talking to starts to get excited and mention some names of african american dudes. You surprise him/her with the name "Danny De Vito".

It's the kind of joke that would make a finance employee laugh.


First post,

I had this spare time in bathroom...There is no many things that one can do here. You could grab a magazine or play a little bit with your dick. Maybe a book, but not much more than that. Let's be honest, you can't expect much from this blog. But it won't be that bad either. Worst case scenario, it's shit.