Swedish caperucita


Lie to me,

I am watching this new tv show called "Lie to me". It shows an independent company that based on facial information, they can know who is telling a lie.
It's not much different from any other tv show (csi whatever the city, mentalist, without a trace, etc). But I've read a story online. When the creators went to pitch the show to the producers, they answered they didn't have the money at the moment. That's when one of the creators said: It's a lie.


KFC smells nice...

Every time we pass next to a KFC restaurante, it smells beautifully. And now, apparently, Pam "breast" Anderson is becoming the spoke person for the brand. Am I right?

Watch more videos at KentuckyFriedCruelty.com.


Pubs shutting down!

I've heard that 6 pubs a day are shutting down in the uk. I am not a big fan of the loud music, the beer, etc. But I do consider it a culture in itself, the culture of the pub. The fish and chips...It's so old an authentic, that I am feeling sad about this.

And while this is happening, hundreds of stupid geeks are fighting for some silly fish species about to disappear. You fucking green morons!


I shook hands with Charlie Watts,

There was this old guy coming, white hair, long jacket. And I noticed him. And although I know there is an unspoken agreement between londoners and its celebrities for which you shouldn't talk to them, I've approached him and ask him to shake hands. He though at first that I had a knife and my intentions were to kill him. That's when he saw all his wild life in front of his eyes, but soon he realized I was just another stupid fan.

Mr. Watts, there is something that you did not know when you shook my hand. I didn't wash them after my bathblogging session, just before meeting you. Sorry.


This peace bears are so stupid,

that I feel I want to go to war.


what does it mean if I do not blog for a couple of days?

I am constipated!